November Reading Wrap-Up

Hello good people of the internet!

Today I’m coming at you with my November wrap-up. I read a total of seven books this month and really enjoyed most of them.

The Best Possible Answer by E Katherine KottarasViviana is your ultimate high-achiever– attending an elite school to prep her for college, striving to get into Stanford, working towards absolute perfection. But when she falls asleep while riding her bike and crashes, she gets a concussion that forces her to slow down the summer before her senior year in high school. This summer isn’t just about lounging by the pool and relaxing– instead she’s forced to cope with her trust issues, extreme anxiety, and the secrets that have been plaguing her family for years.

2Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded is Hannah Hart’s first memoir, detailing her struggles from growing up in the home of her schizophrenic mother and intensely religious father to discovering her sexual identity in college. We learn about Hannah’s love for writing and helping those she loves, through her own words and old diary entries.

Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan
In Charlotte Regan’s debut novel Just Juliet, readers are introduced to Lena, a high school senior who floats between the popular and misfit crowds. She’s dating a well-liked football player and her best friend is the star cheerleader, but she tends to stay to the sidelines. But when a new girl named Juliet arrives, Lena is forced out of her social shell and must take a journey of self-discovery in terms of her sexuality.

Dancing Through Life is Candace Cameron Bure’s third memoir, this time detailing her experience on the reality competition Dancing with the Stars. Learning how to dance helped her understand her tendencies and identity, and truly helped her realize a dream she never knew she had.

5In My Fight/Your Fight, Ronda Rousey brings readers on the journey of her life, from young child to world-class fighter. This memoir sheds light on the traumas she faced in her early years (struggling learning how to speak, the death of her father), as well as her journey from judo champion to MMA champion. We truly get a look into her thought process and dedication to her sport. After you read this book, you’ll definitely want to become an MMA fighter!

6In the third book of the Firebird trilogy, readers follow Marguerite Caine as she takes on the fate of the multiverse. Triad’s last attack has left her closest confidante, friend, and love interest as a completely different person– “fractured” as they say, broken apart within the different dimensions’ versions of himself. This means that Marguerite is the only one who can fight Triad and the new weapon they’ve unleashed against her– another dimension’s version of herself who always seems to be a step ahead of the game.

Hag-Seed follows the inner workings of Felix, a formerly renowned theater director who loses his job after his creativity borders on insanity after the passing of his daughter, Miranda. In an effort to return to the theater, he takes a job at a Literacy Through Theatre program at a local correctional facility and decides to put on The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s greatest works. Felix allows the prisoners certain creative liberties within the play but is also forced to grapple with the relationship he has with Miranda, who he believes still speaks to him and lives on. And when the news that the men who got him fired from his previous position will be attending the show, he starts brewing his revenge.


That’s it for now! Until next time,


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