Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan

“Just Juliet” by Charlotte Reagan

In Charlotte Reagan's debut novel Just Juliet, readers are introduced to Lena, a high school senior who floats between the popular and misfit crowds.

The Best Possible Answer by E Katherine Kottaras

“The Best Possible Answer” by E. Katherine Kottaras | Book Review

Viviana is your ultimate high-achiever-- attending an elite school to prep her for college, striving to get into Stanford, working towards absolute perfection. But when her ex-boyfriend sends out nude photos of her, her family and social life begin to fall apart.

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

REVIEW: “Girl in Pieces” by Kathleen Glasgow

We all have a story-- not just the story we tell when we shake someone's hand for the first time and say, "Hi, I'm so-and-so. I live here and work as a what-ya-call-it." A story comprised of the threads woven together within us, a story that holds the secrets of our past and our fears about the future. But sometimes that story cannot stay within-- those threads begin popping, for better or for worse. Sound familiar? It does for Charlie Davis, the seventeen-year-old protagonist of Kathleen Glasgow's debut young adult novel, Girl in Pieces.