“Hag-Seed” by Margaret Atwood | BOOK REVIEW

Have you ever known that a book is a phenomenal work of literature, but you can't seem to really enjoy it? That sums up my experience with Hag-Seed.

The Best Possible Answer by E Katherine Kottaras

“The Best Possible Answer” by E. Katherine Kottaras | Book Review

Viviana is your ultimate high-achiever-- attending an elite school to prep her for college, striving to get into Stanford, working towards absolute perfection. But when her ex-boyfriend sends out nude photos of her, her family and social life begin to fall apart.

DiverseaThon September 12 - 19

#DiverseaThon TBR

#DiverseaThon is a read-a-thon put on by Christina, Monica, Joce, and Whitney in order to spread awareness and discussion about how important it is to have diversity in books. This is something I feel so incredibly passionate about-- books saved my life when I was being raised in a very traumatic environment because I saw myself in the characters. Everyone deserves to feel that way and have their voices represented in books!