Wonder Women by Sam Maggs Book Review

“Wonder Women” by Sam Maggs | BOOK REVIEW

Wonder Women Sam MaggsIn Wonder Women, Sam Maggs introduces readers to under-recognized feminist icons from world history. From female scientists whose ideas were taken by men to badass women spies, each woman has her own mini-biography that truly shows how much of this world was actually built by women– regardless of what the history books may say. There are also interviews with modern day “Wonder Women” who are trying to continue on with this amazing work in the world today.

I was absolutely thrilled to see this book was being published– y’all know that I’m a feminist and that I am so passionate about bringing light to the accomplishments of women who haven’t been credit where credit is due. The mini biographies were about 5 pages each and gave a great overview of each woman’s life and career. This was a great way to educate people on a lot of women in a short period of time, but I personally wished it was even longer. That being said, I wrote down the names of almost every woman featured so I can do more research on them!

I think this is a great read for people who want to learn more about the women who have helped the world get to where it is today. It was encouraging, empowering, and inspiring! I also think this is a great book for mothers to read with their daughters– the illustrations help make it extra eye-catching and make it a great book for mothers and their young readers. 4 stars for this awesome read!

4 Stars



Down in the comments below, let me know who your Wonder Woman is!

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