DiverseaThon September 12 - 19

#DiverseaThon TBR

Helloooooo, good people of the internet!

Today I’m coming at you with my #DiverseaThon TBR.

#DiverseaThon is a read-a-thon put on by Christina, Monica, Joce, and Whitney in order to spread awareness and discussion about how important it is to have diversity in books. This is something I feel so incredibly passionate about– books saved my life when I was being raised in a very traumatic environment because I saw myself in the characters. Everyone deserves to feel that way and have their voices represented in books!

The #DiverseaThon will be taking place from September 12 to September 19 and doesn’t have any specific rules. For more information, check out the announcement video.

I chose four books from the #Diverseathon recommendation list that I have already owned.

Every Day by David Levithan1. Every Day by David Levithan
This book follows a character named A that wakes up in a different body every day. The book was recommended on the #DiverseaThon with the comment: “Discusses gender and non binary people in a new and amazing way.”

amazon-preorder         66f2f-addtogoodreads


persepolis2. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
This book was recommended with a comment summarizing both the story and why this is a diverse read: “Coming of age memoir in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution.”

amazon-preorder         66f2f-addtogoodreads


150709_sbr_coates-cover-jpg-crop-original-original3. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
This book was recommended with a comment summarizing both the book and why this is a diverse read: “Letter to Coates’ son about being a black man in America.”

amazon-preorder         66f2f-addtogoodreads


Bad Feminst4. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
I was a bit confused about the recommendation comment on this one, so I’ve made up my own here! This book is a feminist criticism from Roxanne Gay, a woman of color, discussing intersections of racism and sexism in America.

amazon-preorder         66f2f-addtogoodreads


That’s it for now! Don’t forget to answer the Question of the Day in the comments below. I’d love to know your favorite diverse read!

Until next time,


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