Everyday Sexism

“Everyday Sexism” by Laura Bates | REVIEW

I didn’t know just how much I needed this book in my life. With great eloquence and raw honesty, Laura Bates details the sexism that flows throughout our world each and every day. I wanted to write down and highlight almost every word of the book– each sentence was a new revelation that I had felt but never been able to articulate in the past.

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific topic within the realm of feminism, from street harassment to sexism against men to women in the workplace. This was a great way to get my mind focused on a specific subset of the topic– it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with information, but this helped put sexism into “bite-sized” pieces that were easy to consume and consider. I truly found myself pausing after each point, contemplating my own experiences and how these phenomenons interacted with my everyday life and the lives of those around me.

I also really enjoyed that this was not written from the perspective of an American, but instead of someone from the U.K. This brought in statistics and experiences from many other countries and walks of life, which is not the norm with the stereotypical feminist novel solely from the perspective of a well-off white woman from the United States.

I handed this book to my grandmother afterwards, someone who is a feminist but was raised in a different generation and isn’t aware of this feminist wave’s main focuses. I want everyone to read this book– regardless of gender identity, feminist identity, race, etc. etc. Obviously there are many issues that the book did not touch on– you can only get so much important information into a 384 page book– but it is a great overview.


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